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πŸ“Ή Home video recordings of GitHub Action tips for better traction.

What are GitHub Actions? Automate, customize, and execute your software development workflows right in your repository with GitHub Actions. You can discover, create, and share actions to perform any job you'd like, including CI/CD, and combine actions in a completely customized workflow.

When do Action Traction videos ship? Every Tuesday.

To find out future tips, check out the repo: repo:

Where can I watch them? This YouTube playlist

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Build a Twitch Bot

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The goal is to build a twitch bot that responds to commands and presents gifs. This bot was inspired by ComfyJS. My experience building this bought can be read in blog post on

Link to source code: open-sauced/beybot

Examples in the wild These chat interactions are basic, but if you want to see more examples of chat interactions, check out the following channels.

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Build a GitHub Action to resize images

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Building GitHub Actions is a process that has many paths. This stream will focus on showing different ways to approach building and debugging to custom GitHub Actions to be used in any project.

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Open Sauced is a React site and dashboard to track your next and current open source contributions. The content of these streams include GraphQL and React, with hopes to include GitHub Actions eventually.

Link to site: Link to organization and source code:

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